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Greater Credibility At Lower Cost!

It has often been said, "Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door."

Of course, selling mouse traps or any other product is not quite that simple.

A Cahners Publishing Co. CARR Report highlights what is important in selling mouse traps or any other product. This report reviewed the correlation of awareness to brand preference. The report concluded, "The relationship between awareness and preference is strong. Instead of a one-to-one relationship between awareness and preference (often assumed), this research has shown that the relationship is more complicated.

  • First, a minimum threshold of awareness must be reached before a brand will begin to see a conversion to preference.
  • Second, as higher levels of awareness are reached, the conversion to preference comes more quickly.
  • Third, awareness (and therefore preference) will decay over time if awareness-building activities...are not conducted."

Two important questions are:

  1. "How will the world know about my mouse trap?"
  2. "How will the world know mine is a better mouse trap?"

The first answer that comes to mind is "Advertise!" You need to tell the world you make mouse traps. But, how will the world know yours is better?

Advertising is expensive and necessary, but there are other ways of creating awareness. One of the most cost effective means of promoting a product or service and creating an awareness is the Press Release. Considered by most readers as "Editorial", a Press Release has a very important implied "third party" endorsement. Press releases therefore have instant credibility. Someone else, the Editor of the magazine, is telling the world yours is the better mouse trap.

The other way of creating an awareness and establishing yourself as the maker of "The Better Mouse Trap" is to be the recognized authority on mouse traps. This is done by publishing articles, case histories and tutorials.

Your potential customers are not reading publications for ads. Yes, they take note of ads but they are primarily looking for information that will enhance their own skills and effectiveness.

The good news is that press releases, case histories, tutorials, and articles have the lowest cost-per-lead ratios of any in-print and online promotion and are very effective in creating awareness.

One respected business-to-business publication states, "Only 1 Out Of 7 Is Accepted!" E-Media Publishing has over 20 years of experience in creating an increased awareness for a large number of companies by producing press releases, case histories, tutorials and articles.

Take the first step in Increasing the awareness of your company. Contact us today for information on articles, case histories, tutorials and press releases that are "Accepted!"

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