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Website creation is more than slick photos and animation.

A trend in marketing is to spend a fortune on creating a website, only to find that people aren't visiting, or worse, not buying your products. Generally, the problem lies in the fact that the website is difficult to navigate, or doesn't address the customer's needs. Once your website is labeled a "bad site", your customers leave and never come back.

Customers gravitate toward websites that serve them well, are to the point, and have strong branding qualities. We can help you achieve that. How? Our process is simple:

  1. Strategic Analysis: What are your company's goals? Who are your competitors? We conduct intensive research into your demographic nitch. If you already have a website, we evaluate it from a customer's point of view and identify its strong and weak points. We'll get on the phone and talk to some of your prospective customers to determine their needs and wants. Then, we work with you to develop an e-business plan that will target your audience and make them loyal, regular visitors.
  2. Design: Information structure (where links, buttons, graphics are located in your website) is equally as important as the products you sell to your online customers. If a customer gets lost, you've lost the sale. If your website is unattractive or overcomplicated, you repel individuals as well. Based on our strategic analysis, we create the "information architecture" as well as the graphic design in a way that will best suit your needs.
  3. Market Testing: Feedback is important. Once a preliminary design has been achieved, we conduct a limited test run of your website. Based on the results we complete the design and launch your e-business site!

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